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50 days to 50 K

Are you tired of feeling ordinary or common?

Are you unhappy with your fitness?

Are you ready to feel proud of yourself and become uncommon?

Not everyone is ready to do what it takes to transform their lives and break down mental barriers, but if YOU are ready to become uncommon then this 8-week training plan will get you from wherever you are currently to finishing your first 50K

I'm Ready!!!

By the end of this 50-day course you will:

-transform your body and mind and start the path to become a spartan warrior

-feel the accomplishment you've been seeking in life

-Do something that less than 1% of the population has ever done

-Become uncommon and proud every time you look in the mirror

Included in the course are:

  1. Step by step training guides to train your body for a 50K

  2. The gear that will set you up for success

  3. Nutrition tips to get you across the finish line

  4. The training for your mind that will help you become unbreakable and finish what you start

  5. Tips from an ultrarunner that has finished multiple ultramarathons and now runs 30+ miles at a time as training for 100+ mile events

Agoge (1).png
I'm Ready!!!

If you are tired of being ordinary and are want to join the 0.5% join the Train Spartan team in the Agoge then commit now and become an unbreakable warrior that can conquer any obstacle life throws your way!

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